The Two Sisters - Depot District * Richmond, Indiana
The Two Sisters Reading Challenge

We are throwing a year-long reading party. Who among you can read enough books to enter into bibliophile immortality?

How to Participate:

Here's how this works. We have created a list of fifty-seven reading challenges (for a printable checklist, click here). Ranging from specific genres to more open-ended options, these are meant to give you a wide variety of reading. We will monitor the progress of any Challengers, and prizes will be awarded for various levels of completion (see below).

It's free to join our challenge, but there are a few specific rules:

  • The challenge will last from January to December of this year.

  • For every challenge you complete, be sure to post an original review of the book (or in some cases, books) you have read onto our Facebook page in order for it to count towards your completion level.

  • Only books with reviews will be counted.

  • Reviews should be 50 to 100 words.

  • Only books read this year count for challenge completion.

  • Books can only count for one challenge (no double dipping).

  • Prizes will be awarded for approximately every ten challenges you complete (see below)

Completion Levels and Prizes:

10 Challenges: Free sticker and a hearty handshake
20 Challenges: You and your reading list will be feature on our Facebook page
30 Challenges: Free book from our Challengers basket
40 Challenges: Free Reading Challenge t-shirt
Complete All Challenges: Free $10 gift certificate and immortality for you and your reading list on our website in our "Hall of Fame"